[XML-SIG] PyXML and 2.3

Bob Swerdlow rswerdlow at transpose.com
Wed Sep 3 15:35:09 EDT 2003

We've been building an application with Python 2.2 and PyXML on Mac OS X
with PyObjC and Cocoa.  Recently, we've decided that we can't expect the
user to install all that stuff, so we decided to build it stand-alone.

We upgraded to MacPython 2.3 and installed PyXML 0.8.3, and then built the
application using bundlebuilder's --standalone switch.  In order to get the
PyXML stuff included, we also used the package=_xmlplus switch.  The
application seems to be working fine, now, bug it complains:
    DeprecationWarning: The xmllib module is obsolete.  Use xml.sax instead.
We ARE using xml.sax and I don't see why xmllib is getting called at all .

Can anyone shed some light on how to use PyXML with MacPython in stand-alone
mode?  Can I safely ignore these warnings?


Bob Swerdlow
rswerdlow at transpose.com

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