[XML-SIG] Thank you for contacting FriendSearch

FriendSearch Support response at friendsearch.com
Fri Sep 5 07:09:46 EDT 2003

Thank you for contacting FriendSearch.com!

We will get back to you as soon as possible as your email and input is
very important to us. Some of our most frequently-asked questions are
listed here, so if you find your answer here, you may not get a personal
response from us.

Also, please check our FAQs at: http://www.friendsearch.com/help.htm


1) What is FriendSearch?

    FriendSearch is a FREE service that introduces you to new interesting
    people on the web everyday. You get to source for friends based on
    nationality, physical aspects, and other criteria, and among them could
    even lie that someone special for you! Our Cupid engine also provides a
    convenient notification system that contacts you whenever new members
    matching your criteria joins the network.

2) Is it FREE to join FriendSearch?

    Yes, it's absolutely FREE!

3) What if i lost my handle and/or password?

    Go to http://www.friendsearch.com/. Just below the login box, there's a
    'Forgot your password' link. Click on this. You'll be brought to a page
    which asks for your handle and email address. We will then email you
    your password.

4) How do I upload my photo?

    After you have successfully logged into the Member's Area, click on
    the 'Upload Photo' link. From there, it will display your photo
    gallery, containing all your previously uploaded photos. If you do
    not have any photos, then click on the 'Add new photo' link. A
    small popup window will appear and prompt you regarding the photo
    file location. After you have entered the file location, just hit
    the 'Upload' button.

5) What kind of photo formats are allowed?

    You can upload photo in formats of JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

6) My email / address has changed. What should I do?

    Just login to your FriendSearch account, click on the Profile page,
    and you can update all your personal information and preferences there.

7) What is the Referral Center about?

    Referral Center provides you with attractive FriendSearch referral
    programs for building your very own referral group. All you need
    to do is follow the on-screen instructions, and start promoting
    FriendSearch to your friends. With the value-added paid membership
    services being offered, you will earn a percentage of the revenues
    generated via your downline!

8) I have upgraded to Paid Membership, but I still cannot use its features

    It could take up to 3 working days for us to process your order. Once
    we have successfully processed it, you will receive an email notifying
    you about it. From this point onwards, the paid membership features 
	will be made available to you. If you received the acknowledgement 
	email but still cannot utilize its features, please contact 
	sales at friendsearch.com with your Handle immediately.

If your answer is not found within this message, our support staff will
provide you with a personal answer soon.

Best Regards,
Your Friendly FriendSearch Support Team.

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