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Simon Dean simon.dean at sun.com
Sun Sep 7 20:23:33 EDT 2003


I'm trying to replace Element Node's in a DOM called 'dom' with Element Node's from 
several DOM's assigned 'domFromRef'. 'domFromRef' get's generated dynamically from list
contents in 'refs'.

print replacementElementNode 

prints the Element Nodes which I want to replace in 'dom' e.g. 

<Element Node at 853a04c: Name='LC_COLLATION' with 0 attributes and 5 childern>


What should I call now in 'def replaceNode' to do the replacement, Element Nodes in the domFromRef with the
Element Nodes from dom, replaceChild() ?  If so, I can't seem to get it to work.

My program is below, any help much appreciated.


from    xml.dom.ext.reader      import  PyExpat
from    xml.dom.ext             import  PrettyPrint
from    xml.xpath               import  Evaluate
import  sys

reader = PyExpat.Reader()
dom = reader.fromStream(sys.stdin)

def reconstructDom(dom):

        refs = Evaluate('/Locale//*[@ref]', dom.documentElement)
        for i in range(len(refs)):
                elementName = refs[i].nodeName

                for parent in dom.getElementsByTagName(elementName):
                        if parent.nodeName == 'LC_FORMAT':
                                attFileValue = parent.getAttribute('ref')
                                attCurrValue = parent.getAttribute('replaceTo')
                                getFormatElementBlockFromFile(elementName, attFileValue, attCurrValue)
                                attFileValue = parent.getAttribute('ref')
				domFromRef = reader.fromUri('/home/sd/data_3/' +attFileValue +'.xml')
                                clone, elementName, domFromRef = getParentElementBlockFromFile(elementName, attFileValue, domFromRef
                                newDom = replaceNode(clone, elementName, domFromRef)

def getParentElementBlockFromFile(elementName, attFileValue, domFromRef):

        for parent in domFromRef.getElementsByTagName(elementName):
                clone = parent.cloneNode(1)
                return clone, elementName, domFromRef 

def getFormatElementBlockFromFile(elementName, attFileValue, attCurrValue):

def replaceNode(clone, elementName, domFromRef):

        # replace Element Node from domFromRef with Element Node from dom and return dom to higher object 
        replacementElementNode = dom.importNode(clone, 1)
	print replacementElementNode 

        #return newDom 

# main()



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