[XML-SIG] Relax NG tools written in Python?

Blake Winton bwinton at latte.ca
Sat Sep 13 17:40:55 EDT 2003

> Are there any good Python tools for processing Relax NG? I'm 
> particularly interested in tools that can parse Relax NG's compact 
> syntax. If nothing exists already, does anyone know of a project to 
> implement such a thing?

I was looking for the same thing a while ago, and came across
this url: http://gnosis.cx/download/relax/  rnctree.py is the
main file, but it includes several others.  I'm not at work,
so you'll have to figure out which other files are missing on
your own.

I've only used it for small examples myself, but it shouldn't
be too bad for larger schemas, I wouldn't have thought.


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