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Wilmer Mcmullen kklry0ypg at nycmail.com
Mon Sep 15 21:49:18 EDT 2003

We are pleased to inform you that your resume is an excellent candidate for our national recruiters. (http://www.asap9.com/)

As you know, professional recruiters and headhunters are only interested in the cream of the employment crop when making recommendations to their highly prized contacts of employers.

Your resume exemplifies the type of skills, experience, and education our
leading recruiters are searching to place in lucrative careers today. By
building a network with our esteemed group of job hunters you immediately
take yourself out of the slush pile in personnel and put yourself in front
of the decision making managers that will hire you. You are actually
creating an inside link to the leading companies that communicate with our
professional headhunters on a daily basis.

Cold calls will be history and  professional conversations with employers
will be opportunities that will make your *hire* happen.

Recruiters will become your partner in the job search providing you with
valuable insider information to each employer and each interview. They keep
your spirits buoyed and your motivation in forward motion.  Don't we all
need that? You bet. We congratulate you on your outstanding resume and
encourage you to connect with us today at http://www.asap9.com/ Where your
job search ends and employment begins!


Carrie Lynn
Your Career Coordinator

P.S. Keep in mind that we have over 14,000 leading recruiters and waiting
for you at the site. Just click and smile: http://www.asap9.com/

P.S.S. And get this, many candidates of your caliber also get substantial
raises as well!

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