[XML-SIG] Relax NG tools written in Python?

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji at fourthought.com
Thu Sep 25 00:11:04 EDT 2003

> Hi all,
> I'm a recent covnert to Relax NG, thanks mainly to Tim Bray's 
> demonstration of a Relax NG schema for the new Atom syndication format:
> http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2003/07/09/PieSchema01
> My blog entry: http://simon.incutio.com/archive/2003/07/10/compactSchemas
> Are there any good Python tools for processing Relax NG? I'm 
> particularly interested in tools that can parse Relax NG's compact 
> syntax. If nothing exists already, does anyone know of a project to 
> implement such a thing?

Not yet compact syntax (use Dr. Mertz's tools - http://gnosis.cx/download/relax
/ - for that), but:

http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2002/10/16/py-xml.html  (several headings on RNG)

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