[XML-SIG] Skipped entities under SAX

Derek Fountain derekfountain at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 22 01:39:32 EDT 2004

I've been exploring the PyXML SAX parser, and I've come across the handler for 
skipped entities. i.e. the skippedEntity method in the ContentHandler object.

Puzzlement here. What exactly is a skipped entity? It's not mentioned in the 
XML spec, as far as I can see. The name suggests that it's an entity which 
the parser comes across and doesn't know how to handle, so it passes over it. 
Sort of:

 This odd &wierdthing; in the text

where the weirdthing entity isn't declared.

I'm only guessing the above, and it seems that the expat parser doesn't 
entertain such ideas. AFAICT, if it comes across an entity which it doesn't 
recognise, it throws an error.

So what is a skipped entity, and when would I receive a call to the 
skippedEntity method in my SAX handler?

> eatapple
core dump

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