[XML-SIG] Installing PyXML in PYTHONPATH instead of site-packages...

Thomas B. Passin tpassin at comcast.net
Mon Aug 9 23:30:05 CEST 2004

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> tom.dalglish at verizon.net wrote:
>> The Installshield app does not allow you to override the setting, 
>> which is reads from the Registry (ack!). How can I install it in a 
>> directory that I own?
> It's not Installshield, but bdist_wininst.
> To install elsewhere, run "python setup.py install" on the source 
> distribution.

Except for Windows users ...  I have actually temporarily changed the 
address in the registry to persuade pyxml to install in the distribution 
I want (e.g., Python2.3, Zope 2.7, Plone, etc.).  Just export the 
original settings to a file, and you can restore them afterwards.

I wish that the Python installer would provide for multiple 
installations of the same version on Windows, but it doesn't.


Tom P

Thomas B. Passin
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