[XML-SIG] minidom: read value from text node

Daniel Isenegger disen at geo.unizh.ch
Mon Dec 13 17:46:22 CET 2004

i work with the PyXML modul an use  minidom to process xml data:
In need to get data from text nodes and found an example of 
functionality in the book O'Reilly-book from C.Jones: Python & XML (S.101)

# searches the year and the defoliation value in the instance file and 
copies the
# element defoliation
    def copyDynamicProperties(self):
        """copies the dyn properties from a GML3 instance file."""
        # looks for elements with the tag defol
        defolNodelist = self.dom.getElementsByTagName("defol")
        # iterating over all <defol>-eles
        for node in defolNodelist:
            # node list defolChildren
            defolChildren = node.childNodes
            # reads value cat in instance-file to member var self.cat
            cat = self.findTextNodes(defolChildren,"cat")
            print cat
    # finds the data of the textNode of the elementNode with the
    # tag theTagName (adapted from Book Python&XML, S.101)
    def findTextNodes(self,theNodeList,theTagName):
        #init returnValue
        for subnode in theNodeList:
            if subnode.nodeType == subnode.ELEMENT_NODE:
                if subnode.tagName == theTagName:
                    # call function again to get children
            elif subnode.nodeType == subnode.TEXT_NODE:
                print "text-node:", subnode.data
                return subnode.data

text-node: 1


my Problem is now that
the function findTextNodes now is a recursive one, which delivers 2 
return -values:
the correct value of the text-node and a non-empty string (it looks 
empty but has 7 spaces )
How can i only get the correct text-value back or how can prevent the 
string to overwrite the correct value?

( i tried to do this by  only to return if  subnode.data.isdigit() ist 
true and othter workarounds, but...(:(  )

Thanks Dani

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