[XML-SIG] using libxslt with strings

Paul Boddie paul.boddie at ementor.no
Mon Feb 16 05:24:43 EST 2004

Daniel Veillard [mailto:veillard at redhat.com] wrote:
>   Hum, at the C level there is a generic I/O handling layer, but
> I never made the custom wrappers for Python in libxslt.

On a related subject, I promised to look into wrapping the existing Python
bindings for libxml2 in an API more closely resembling the other PyXML-style
DOMs. The resulting package isn't exactly fast, but in situations where
interoperability is required, it is very practical - I personally use it to
edit existing XML documents before shipping them to libxslt for the really
heavy processing. Under the covers, libxml2dom uses libxml2's parsing and
serialising routines, giving a significant performance advantage over a lot
of the other solutions.

Here are the locations of the libxml2dom and qtxmldom packages:


The latter package, which wraps qtxml (PyQt required) and KHTML (PyQt and
PyKDE required), is mostly intended for deployment within Qt and KDE
applications. However, by combining these packages it should be possible,
for example, to copy libxml2 documents (and indeed any PyXML-style document)
into and out of qtxml documents and KHTML widgets. Unfortunately, the KHTML
stuff could need a fair amount of attention before being considered usable.


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