[XML-SIG] Possible DTD parsing bug

Chris Herborth chrish at cryptocard.com
Thu Jan 8 16:21:32 EST 2004

I've switched to using a validating parser for my XML processor, and I've 
just run into something that I _think_ might be a bug with PyXML 0.8.3...

In my DTD, I have something like this:

<!ENTITY % target.foo "(a|b|c)">
<!ENTITY % target.bar "(1|2|3)">
<!ENTITY % attrs.control "
	foo %target.foo; 'a'
	bar %target.bar; '1'
<!ELEMENT something EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST something

When parsing my XML docs, I get a warning that "foo" and "bar" are being 
defined again.

I expanded %target.foo; and %target.bar; by hand to get this:

<!ENTITY % attrs.control "
	foo (a|b|c) 'a'
	bar (1|2|3) '1'

and it parses without errors or warnings.

Is this a bug or operator error?

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