[XML-SIG] XSV / Zope - help needed

Andrew Maclean andyjmaclean at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 12 09:14:04 EST 2004

Dear Fred,

Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't work.  I tried to make the external 
mthod call a file in


with the result that Zope (yes, the latest version) recompiled the 
XSVcode.py for me, after initially refusing to recognise the statement

  from XSV.driver import runit

I then copied the folders "PyLTXML" and "XSV" from the Python22 installation 
to the folder

  C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python

This time the (Script)Python I used to test came up with a message in the 
browser to the effect of the Python22 .dlls used conflict with what Zope is 

I would have used pyLTXML / XSV / LTXML files copiled uder Python2.1 but I 
just can't get them to compile.  The only way I ever got pyLTXML to compile 
under 2.2 was by using a .exe file for it.  All attempts at doing it with 
the command prompt came up with "file something or other not found".  I'm 
now looking at getting Xerces to work with Python but I'm finding nothing 
straightforward here either.

What on earth should I do?  Someone else out there must have validated XML 
using Zope (with Python 2.1)

I'd be grateful for any ideas at all at this point,

Mr Andrew Maclean

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