[XML-SIG] XSV / Zope - help needed

Henry S. Thompson ht at cogsci.ed.ac.uk
Tue Jan 13 09:18:03 EST 2004

"Fred L. Drake, Jr." <fdrake at acm.org> writes:

> Andrew Maclean writes:
>  > My problem is that Zope uses Python21 and XSV uses Python 22.  I've
> Zope 2.6.x officially uses Python 2.1.x, but... we use Python 2.3.x
> for pretty much everything now, including Zope 2.6.3.  I'd suggest
> picking up the just-released Zope 2.6.3 and testing it with your site,
> because that's what we'd use, if we didn't use Zope 2.7 (for which we
> support Python 2.3.3 to begin with).  Information on the Zope 2.6.3
> release is available at:

I'm trying to help Andrew with his problem, but finding information
about building/installing Zope 2.6.3 with Python 2.2 (or 2.3) under
Windows hard to come by -- the information in the release for
building/running was pretty nearly invisible.

So I tried unpacking the source distribution, then

 > python setup.py install

which didn't fail, at great length :-), then

 > python z2.py

which exited silently after a while, with no sign of a server running.

Any advice on how to help out here would be welcome.

Oops, I spoke too soon.  Tried a bit harder, discovered that although
w_pcgi.py assumed I was running under un*x and tried to do run
configure, wo_pcgi.py was a bit better -- some problems with the space
in Program Files paths.  It crashed trying to run setup.py build_ext
-i, so I did that by hand, commented it out, and it completed.

Now I could do

 > python z2.py

and get prompted to login when I try to browse to
localhost:8080/manage as directed.  However, server immediately
crashes with a 130 error code.

Launching it again, however, and trying just localhost:8080 seems to

I would strongly suggest that someone on the Zope team package up a
cleaned up/approved version of the above sequence of steps and include
them in the release documentation, for those of us stuck running on

Further advice on how to do this better/cleaner of course still
welcome -- next I'll try adding XSV.

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