[XML-SIG] XSV / Zope - help needed

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Jan 13 13:31:50 EST 2004

Andrew Maclean wrote at 2004-1-13 12:46 +0000:
>in response to my last mail Thomas B Passin advised me "You need to get Zope 
>itself working with Python 2.2".  I would love to do this but have no idea 
>how to.  I need Zope to make a simple call to a file that uses XSV package 
>(compiled under Python2.2) and after days of fiddling around can't get 
>there.  Some reports on the internet tell me it's possible.  Others tell me 
>it's not.  I'm sure someone out there has managed to use XSV through a Zope 
>application.  I would be really, really grateful if that someone could tell 
>me how they did it.

Read "<ZopeDistributionDirectory>/doc/INSTALL.txt".

You will need a C development system and "development information"
for your "Python" (makefile, config file, ...).


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