[XML-SIG] PyXml-0.8.1 installation help required...

santosh sawant santee_sawant at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jan 21 01:55:59 EST 2004


Please help me out in installing pyXml-0.8.1.
I am newbies at zope development.
I want to install ParsedXML 1.3.1 on Zope 2.6.3, on
windows 2000 server. Python 2.1 is installed at c:\
and zope is installed inside program files folder of
c: drive.

I don't know how to, where to install pyxml.
As you have written in Readme text file, to compile 

1) Run "python setup.py build" to copy *.py files and
compile the C extensions.

2) To install everything in the site-packages
directory as an xml/ package, run "python setup.py

But where from I should compile those file, and should
I move any folder inside zope developement folder.

Plz let me know ASAP.




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