[XML-SIG] Access Nodes Directly

Sieber Stefan (AE-DA/EPS5) Stefan.Sieber at de.bosch.com
Thu Jan 29 07:11:45 EST 2004


I write a little python-scritp in which I first create a XML-Tree. (xml.dom.minidom)

	<description />
		<description />
		<something />
	<todo />
	<todo />

Afterwards I try to populate the tree with some text-nodes.
Now my problem is, my little class I wrote only remembers the last 'todo'-node I created. However, I try to access the first node first.

I tryed to use something like this: "self.example.todo[0].addChild()" but it doesn't work. Isn't there a way to access a specific node directly? Or only by "node = doc.getElementsByTagName('description')" ??

But then I never know, which node I got! Since 'description' appears in several levels!

I use python 2.3 on Win2000 with installed win32all-163


Stefan Sieber 
stefan.sieber at de.bosch.com

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