[XML-SIG] WSDL extension

Joshua Boverhof JRBoverhof at lbl.gov
Thu Jul 15 07:18:28 CEST 2004

According to the WSDL-1.1 schema a "part" has an "anyAttribute" that can
represent an attribute from any namespace other than the WSDL namespace.
So "SeDA:semRef" is legal as long as "SeDA" does not represent


Florian Probst wrote:

> Hi all,
> after reading through the WSDL spec it is still hard to tell whether 
> the extension below is valid (legal) or not. Perhaps you can tell 
> within a second....
> <wsdl:message name="calculatePlumeResponse">
>     <wsdl:part name="calculatePlumeReturn" type="xsd:base64Binary" 
> *SeDA:semRef="http://www.aaa.de/A_CalPl.owl#Plume"*/>
> </wsdl:message>
> <wsdl:message name="calculatePlumeRequest">
>     <wsdl:part name="origin" type="tns1:Point" 
> *SeDA:semRef="http://www.aaa.deA_CalPl.owl#Origin"*/>
>     <wsdl:part name="windSpeed" type="xsd:float" 
> *SeDA:semRef="http://www.aaa.de/A_CalPl.owl#WindSpeed"*/>
>     <wsdl:part name="windDirection" type="xsd:float" 
> *SeDA:semRef="http://www.aaa.de/A_CalPl.owl#WindDirection"*/>
>     <wsdl:part name="emissionRate" type="xsd:float" 
> *SeDA:semRef="http://www.aaa.de/A_CalPl.owl#WindEmissionRate"*/>
> </wsdl:message>
> We plan to describe the meaning of the terms used in a WSDL with the 
> help of ontologies....
> Thanks in advance
> Florian

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