[XML-SIG] Which DOM implementation?

Derek Fountain derekfountain at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 24 05:39:14 EDT 2004

Which Python based DOM implementation is the best in terms of compliance to 
the W3C specification? I'm looking to work with DOM in an educational 
scenario, and looking at the table on this page:


is making things less clear instead of more so!

The table suggests there are two minidom implementations: one in the Python 
package itself, and one in the PyXML package. It looks like the PyXML one is 
a little more compliant - is that a fair assessment?

Further, PyXML has another DOM package called 4DOM. That looks to be the most 
compliant of the lot according to the table. Was is donated to the PyXML 
project by FourThought? Bits of the documentation (not to mention the name) 
suggest that's its heritage.

Finally, 4Suite appears to have 3 DOM packages available, none of which 
appears to be especially compliant. I was under the impression that cDomlette 
was built with speed in mind. I'm not sure about pDOM and FtMD.

> eatapple
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