[XML-SIG] Re: Some questions from a beginner

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Fri Mar 5 01:09:30 EST 2004

Pawel Lewicki wrote:

> But I still have a problem. Is ElementTree considered hardrock stable? I
> have a "memory protection violation" error after parsing about 60MB of xml
> file.

ElementTree is pure Python, and uses only mechanisms that have been
in Python since the early days.  If an application using it crashes, the
cause of the crash is probably somewhere else.  In order, I'd suspect
the following:

    a C extension you've written yourself (look for reference count errors)
    the database interface
    the Python bindings for the database interface
    the database
    that other C extension you've written yourself
    the Python bindings for the XML parser or the parser itself
    hardware problems (bad RAM)
    a computer virus
    that newly introduced odd corner of Python that your code is using
    a bad day
    several bad days in a row
    the parts of the Python core used by element trees

almost-serious'ly yrs /F

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