[XML-SIG] Re: PyXML parser problem

Bob Robison bob at robisonranch.net
Sat Mar 6 09:04:46 EST 2004


  Thanks!  That did the trick.  py2exe 0.5.0 didn't like the --force-imports argument, so I had to leave that out, but using the --includes seems to have solved the problem.  I appreciate the help!


Chris M. wrote on Fri Mar 5 17:36:55 EST 2004 in 

>Bob Robison wrote on Thu Mar 4 23:16:00 EST 2004 in 
>> I'm trying to get some existing code running with
>> py2exe 0.5.0 and am having some problems.
>> However, when I try to use py2exe I get a similar
>> problem: The make_parser routine returns:
>> xml.sax._exceptions.SAXReaderNotAvailable: No parsers found.
>> I'm using py2exe 0.5.0, Python 2.3.3, and PyXML
>> 0.8.3 on Windows 2000.
>For me the following worked with py2exe 0.4.2, Python 2.3.3, PyXML >0.8.3 on 
>Windows XP:
>setup.py py2exe --includes xml.sax.drivers2.drv_pyexpat --packages >encodings --force-imports encodings

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