Possible Scam? Re: [XML-SIG] Re: pyxml.sourceforge.net

Thomas B. Passin tpassin at comcast.net
Thu Mar 25 22:45:39 EST 2004

Anyone else think this looks fishy?  The originating address is outright 
wrong - it claims to be from mail.python.org ([], which 
would not make sense and is the wrong IP address for python.org anyway, 
and the intent seems to be to get you to click on the links.  That's 
suspicious right there.


Tom P

robert.s.walter at kwmap.net wrote:
> Hello,
> I checked your website and I would like to link it from my website, KwMap.net. I am working on a complex graph of keywords, organised by their meaning and logical relationships. 
> Under each keyword I list relevant websites and resources. I am considering listing Pyxml.sourceforge.net under keywords such as "bookmark","xml" and "python". Also, whenever visitors come from your site to KwMap.net, a chart containg the top 20 relevant keywords to your website will be added, personalizing the display. You can see this feature right now, as I already have analyzed your website:
> http://www.KwMap.net/?dom=Pyxml.sourceforge.net
> You can submit Pyxml.sourceforge.net to KwMap.net here: http://www.kwmap.net/add.cgi. If you add your site, you will be supplied with an account, so you can log in and edit and delete your links.
> The personalization system works by interpreting the http-referrer fields generated by your site so I don't actually need the "dom=Pyxml.sourceforge.net" part in the URL. As long as the link is on your domain, my website will automatically trigger your specific keyword chart. 
> So, if you consider KwMap.net to be useful, here is the link code for your site :

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