[XML-SIG] encoding problem with DOM Writing

kevin Thackray kevin.thackray at clarisys.fr
Fri May 7 10:31:40 EDT 2004

hi everyone,

I finally figure out my problem : Through a lot of google's, i came 
across a PrettyPrint bug : the encoding is hard writen to utf-8, so my 
iso-8895-1 encoding was ignored.

> Then i add somes nodes, and when i want to print that out with 
> PrettyPrint, it raise this error :
> (PrettyPrint(newDoc, encoding="iso-8859-1"))
> UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode bytes in position 37-38: 
> unexpected end of data
I patch it my self in the :  /usr/lib/python2.3/xml/dom/ext/Printer.py

   def utf8_to_code(text, encoding):
       encoder = codecs.lookup(encoding)[0] # encode,decode,reader,writer
       if type(text) is not UnicodeType:
           #text = unicode(text, "utf-8")
           text = unicode(text, encoding)

And everything work perfectly.
I just wonder why, this bug which i found some traces in a mail of 2001, 
was still in my python standard distribution : Python 2.3.1 (#1, Sep 24 
2003, 16:45:45) installed on a slackware, with slackware packaging :

Best Regards,

Kevin Thackray
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