[XML-SIG] Limit XML Parsing with SAX

Henry Chan hchan2 at stuy.edu
Tue Oct 12 02:33:05 CEST 2004

Hey there,
I'm a complete newbie to the world of XML and really python in general. 
I think I only clocked about a month in python. Anyway, I was writing 
this script to parse the releases off of this anime webpage. I want it 
to list the 5 most recent release elements. I've written something up 
using SAX as I was reading the Python/XML How-to. It works but it's 
super slow. The way in which I have limited the amount of release 
elements is by having a variable that increments each time a release 
element is encountered. Then, it checks against the limit. If it's >= 
the limit, it returns. I have that at the beginning of startElement(). 
It's pretty sloppy. I was hoping there would be a way to stop parsing 
once this limit is hit instead of continue parsing while ignoring the 


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