[XML-SIG] several XML newbie questions

Lance E Sloan lsloan-000002 at umich.edu
Thu Sep 2 16:33:33 CEST 2004

I've been programming with Python for a few years now.  I've written a lot 
of CGIs for customers in which I've used either the DocumentTemplate or TAL 
modules from Zope to produce output from templates.  I've decided it's 
probably time for me to move on to using XSL for templates instead.

One of my first questions is, which modules should I be using for this? 
The information page about this mailing list suggested PyXML, but that 
module doesn't do XSLT, does it?  (At least, XSLT isn't mentioned on the 
project's SourceForge page.)  If PyXML does do XSLT, is that module 
recommended over the libxml2/libxslt combination?  How about 4Suite?

I don't necessarily need to use whatever the "best" module is right now. 
I'd be happy to use a more "standard" module that may be imperfect.  As 
long as it does what I need, I don't mind waiting for more features in the 

I've been reading "Python & XML" by Jones and Drake.  It's a pretty good 
book, but it needs to be updated.  For example, I've found that the 
examples that use 4Suite don't work as written.  I understand that change 
will happen, but I hope that O'Reilly will publish a new edition of the 
book.  What other books would you folks recommend?  As I said, I'm mostly 
interested in XSLT and a Python slant on the subject would be nice.

Thanks in advance!

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