[XML-SIG] xpath error

Mike Brown mike at skew.org
Wed Sep 8 05:42:32 CEST 2004

Ajay wrote:
> > This is a bug that was reported a month ago or so.  The main problem is
> > that the XPath implementation in PyXML has fallen a long ways behind the
> > code in 4Suite, and no one has the spare cycles for a re-merge.
> >
> but i am using _xmlplus.dom.minidom and xpath from the same package.
> surely they should work?

No, Uche is saying that a bug that was reported last month might be fixed in 
4Suite (Ft.Xml.XPath), but probably not in PyXML (xml.xpath).

Nowadays, _xmlplus (xml.* replacements & extensions) are only installed by 
PyXML. When PyXML installs XPath support in xml.xpath, it is installing the 
4Suite 0.11.1 XPath implementation, which is 3 years old this month.

4Suite 0.11.1, if you installed it separately, also installed its XPath 
implementation in xml.xpath, so for a time there was no difference between 
installing PyXML --with-xpath, and installing PyXML --without-xpath and then 
adding 4Suite later.

After 0.11.1, 4Suite's implementation moved to Ft.Xml.XPath and kept on 
improving (and kept on becoming increasingly incompatible with minidom). But 
PyXML's xml.xpath is still pretty much unchanged from 3 years ago. Well, there 
may be a few patches here & there, but it definitely has not kept up with 

The hope is (or was) to re-merge 4Suite's implementation into PyXML as an 
updated xml.xpath. This may have become a much more daunting task now that 
minidom and Domlette have diverged so much.

> apart from doing a traversal myself, is there a way around it?

Probably not, if you have to use PyXML's implementation.

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