[XML-SIG] URL Manager Pro supports XBEL

Alco Blom alco.blom at mac.com
Wed Sep 22 09:01:46 CEST 2004

Dear Editor,

I am very grateful for the link about URL Manager Pro on your page:


However, I'd like to submit a request to update the text a bit, since
the program has advanced to higher version numbers. I also prefer
that the link just goes to the home page of the program.

Could you change the text to something like below and use the
home page link: <http://www.url-manager.com>? Thank you.

Suggested text:

"Alco Blom's URL Manager Pro, a Mac OS shareware application for managing
bookmarks, supports reading files in the XBEL format.  See the home page
of URL Manager Pro for more information."

Many thanks!
Alco Blom - <mailto:support at url-manager.com>

URL Manager Pro for Macintosh -

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