[XML-SIG] XMLToolkit 0,7,BETA.2

Petko Petkov ppetkov at gnucitizen.org
Thu Dec 8 11:37:10 CET 2005

Hello to everybody,
This is XMLToolkit 0,7,BETA.2. I simplified most of the code. There are
a few new features added as well. Now you can use the Binding tool to
Bind XML documents to python objects.

doc = Binding.fromfile('GoogleService.wsdl')
doc.definitions.message.name = 'bla bla'
doc.definitions.message = '<h1>Hei I can assign XML to elements that
will be parsed on the fly.</h1> Good!'
doc.definitions.message[1] = OtherBinding
doc.definitions.message[2] = OtherElement
doc.definitions.message[0] = doc.definitions.message[2]
for m in doc.definitions.message:
    print m
    print m.name

doc.xml(encoding = 'utf-8')
doc.xml(encoding = 'utf-8', stream = mystream)
doc.xml(encoding = 'utf-8', file = 'myGoogle.wsdl')

As you can see the syntax is similar  to Amara XMLToolkit.
I am still stuck with PEXComposer. If anyone is willing to help me out
with simplifying the code and writing proper Composer to assemble PEX
Objects back to XML, feel free to let me know. It shouldn't take that long.

I need your help more than ever. I believe that XT (XML Toolkit) is
coming nicely and I want to complete it as soon as possible because I
want to move forward and start doing something else. :) So, can you have
a look on the code and suggest any corrections or recommendations? Or
even help me out rewriting some of it. I believe that the current design
is not bad at all, however, somebody may suggest a different approach to
solve a problem.

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