[XML-SIG] Create XML string with python

Marco Meoni meonimarco at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 18:09:27 CET 2005

Hi. I have to create a XML string from a GUI. In the GUI i have some 
"bottons". Clicking on this bottons the program should create a XML in a 
string (a STRING, the XML must be into a Python STRING ;-)   )
If you have an idea or a .py please send me...
All is welcome, you can send me example, ideas, the solution or what you 
I must include this function in a program soon and have a little bit of 
Thanks to all and sorry for my "italian" english...

P.S. These are the detail of my project:
I have to create a distribuited application to manage a wireless network.
In the manager program there is a GUI in wxPython that has many commands 
to send to the agents.
To send the command to the agent (that is in C++ language) the manager 
use XML in Python string.
The agent uses the commands parsing the string but this is not a problem.


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