[XML-SIG] problem installing libxml2dom on windows

Ankit Rastogi mr_ankit_rastogi at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 28 13:21:41 CET 2005

I had installed libxml2 for python (libxml2-python-2.6.22.win32-py2.4) on WINDOWS. For having dom support I am installing libxml2dom (0.3). My python version on win is 2.4
  but when I give run the install  as:
  python setup.py install
  I get following error:
  Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "setup.py", line 5, in ?
    import libxml2dom
  File "C:\Python24\libxml2dom-0.3\libxml2dom\__init__.py", line 9, in ?
    from libxml2dom.macrolib import *
  File "C:\Python24\libxml2dom-0.3\libxml2dom\macrolib\__init__.py", line 9, in
    from libxml2dom.macrolib.macrolib import *
  File "C:\Python24\libxml2dom-0.3\libxml2dom\macrolib\macrolib.py", line 8, in
    import libxml2mod
ImportError: No module named libxml2mod
  It cant find libxml2mod package. I suppose it installs with libxml2. Am I right? 
  From where I will get this package for WINDOWS? Plz, tell me the site. I tried googling but it didnt give me any links for download.
  Can any one help. 

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