[XML-SIG] XML stuff

Brian Quinlan brian at sweetapp.com
Fri Feb 18 16:39:49 CET 2005

Neil Benn wrote:
>    For the XMLGenerator, there is not a flag in XMLGenerator that I can 
> find - it doesn't appear in the dir and something like that would be in 
> the dir as I would need to access it.  I ge teh point about the 
> insignifcant white space and that is why a pretty print should be an 
> option.  Although in most cases people don't care about insignificant 
> whitespace (i.e. white space outside of an element) in fact I can't 
> think of a _sensible_ reason to care about insignificant whitespace - 
> can you (it's a Friday afternoon, go on wonder away!)?

But all whitespace (that appears in the DOM) is in an element, at least 
the document element, so what whitespace do you consider insignificant? 
For example, in XHTML, these two are different:





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