[XML-SIG] SAX2 support

Nico Poppelier n.poppelier at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 7 19:32:43 CET 2005

Dear SIG members,

I have some XML tools written in Perl that I would like to rewrite in 
Python and make namespace-aware at the same time.
What I now have is based on xml.sax, but yesterday I noticed that some 
of the namespace features are not supported (yet).

The section on xml.sax.handler in the library reference says: " In 
addition to these classes, xml.sax.handler provides symbolic constants
for the feature and property names" and then gives a list of features 
and properties. The source for xml/sax/xmlreader.py, however, does not 
implement features and properites, and instead throws an exception when 
you call e.g. getFeature or setFeature.

When will features and properties of SAX2 be properly supported in 
xml.sax? Or should I forget about xml.sax and move to xml.dom, for 
example? The latter doesn't appeal to me, since I prefer minimal XML 
APIs and I find DOM too big and too cluttered.


Nico Poppelier

P.S. Some years ago, I was editor of the W3C Math Working Group and did 
of lot of XML-related work, but with my present job XML is an activity 
for the occasional free weekend.

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