[XML-SIG] ANN: cElementTree 1.0 (january 26, 2005)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Jan 26 23:26:49 CET 2005

effbot.org proudly presents version 1.0 final of the cElementTree
library, a fast and very efficient implementation of the ElementTree
API, for Python 2.1 and later.

On typical documents, cElementTree is 15-20 times faster than the
Python version of ElementTree, and uses 2-5 times less memory.  The
combination of low memory use and high parsing/building speed means
that you can easily work with documents in the 50-200 MB range in
memory, on modern hardware.  And for the cases when that's not good
enough, the library provides a new, iterator-based API that lets you
inspect, modify, and trim the tree while it is being built.

For more information on this library, including download instructions,
detailed benchmark figures, and more, see:


enjoy /F

PS. If you're using ElementTree, but would like more support for
document validation and transformations, you might be interested in
Martijn Faassens lxml.etree implementation, which is based on Daniel
Veillard's libxml2/libxslt.  For more information, see Martijn's blog:


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