[XML-SIG] SOAPpy streaming base64

Erik J. Groeneveld erik at cq2.nl
Mon Jan 31 16:27:14 CET 2005


I am new to this list.  I am developing a web site that harvests OAI 
repositories using the oai-mph protocol, and uploads the records to a 
indexing service using SOAPpy.

It seems that SOAPpy does not support streaming (large) base64 encoded content 
into a request.  I saw from the code that it allocates string buffers and 
calls base64.encode_string() on it.

Since we have to deal with potetentially large files (more than 64 MB), we are 
looking for a way to perform SOAP requests with base64 merged into the 
stream, without having to keep the whole document in memory.

Could any of you give us hints or pointers?

Any help would be appreciated.

Erik J. Groeneveld
Seek You Too softwarestudio
www.cq2.nl, +31 318 555 488

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