[XML-SIG] XBEL and hyperlink tagging

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji at fourthought.com
Sun Jul 10 05:53:50 CEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 14:56 +0200, Christian Junk wrote: 
> Hi, Danielle!
> It's nice to see, that there are some people out there who still want to work 
> on a standardised way to store and share hyperlinks. 
> But the XBEL format isn't ready to the job! Months ago I proposed to resume 
> the work on XBEL and perhaps make it a independent project. But at that time 
> there wasn't enough interest.
> We should dare!
> Regards,
> Christian
> P.S.: Perhaps you like to take a look at the xml-sig archive to find the old 
> discussion (dec 04 and jan 05) ...

This is all true.  Because I had offered back then to take the
initiative on making it an independent project, I should update to say
that I regretfully will not be able to do so.  This is not because of
lack of interest, but lack of time.  In the time I have for such open
spec work, I have outstanding commitments to help with EXSLT and
XUpdate.  I just despair of getting around to XBEL.  If someone else
spearheads the effort (I think it's mostly just a matter of registering
with SourceForge), I'll try to help where I can, including with

Good luck.

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