[XML-SIG] the state of WSDL implementation

Christoph Pingel ch.pingel at web.de
Fri Jul 29 18:11:58 CEST 2005

There's a nice project at the Leipzig University 
http://wortschatz.uni-leipzig.de providing several web services 
(SOAP) for linguistic use: co-occurrences of words, base forms, left 
and right neighbours, and so forth.

To give you an example of a web service, here's a WSDL describing the 
baseform service:

According to the people in Leipzig, Java and .NET clients are doing 
fine with this (acutally, the server software is part of the Java 
Axis project), but they say Perl and Python can't handle the complex 
WSDL descriptions. And indeed, SOAPpy fails to come up with a valid 
SOAP envelope for this service.

I'm wondering if there are similar experiences with Python SOAP 
clients in other areas.

I want to use *just this* service, so I could probably (as a 
workaround) use a pre-built envelope as a template and just fill in 
the word of which I need the base form. But this is obviously not the 
way web services are meant to work.

Are there any ideas or comments? Perhaps there are independent 
implementations of SOAP besides pybwebsvcs?

any input is highly welcome!

best regards,
Christoph Pingel

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