[XML-SIG] ANN: cElementTree 1.0.2 (march 2, 2005)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Mar 2 20:41:28 CET 2005

effbot.org proudly presents release 1.0.2 of the cElementTree library,
a fast and very efficient implementation of the ElementTree API, for
Python 2.1 and later.  On typical documents, it's 15-20 times faster
than the Python version of ElementTree, and uses 2-5 times less

cElementTree 1.0.2 is 1.0.1 plus the missing "iselement" function, and
a couple of minor tweaks and bug fixes.

The library is available as C source code, and as Windows installers
for all recent Python versions.  Get your copy here:


The cElementTree module uses some support functions from the standard
ElementTree library, and will not work properly without it.  If you haven't
installed it already, you can get it from:


enjoy /F 

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