[XML-SIG] Re: ElementTree

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Mar 16 23:34:34 CET 2005

Greg Wilson wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I posted a problem with ElementTree to c.l.py yesterday.
> Fredrik sent me a one-line patch (included below).  I applied it, but
> ElementTree still fails in the same place, the same way, so I switched to
> cElementTree.  It parses half of my input document, but fails on the
> fourth occurrence of &rquot; --- it handles the previous three, and
> occurrences of &lquot; and &ldots;, just fine.  As before, xml.dom.minidom
> parses the document without complaint.  Any ideas?  My file, the DTD, and
> my script are attached; validate.py is dying on line 130 of the input
> file.

the standard parser doesn't read external DTDs.  the reason you're seeing
errors at different locations is a glitch in cElementTree; it reports the *last*
error it found in the current chunk, not the first one...


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