[XML-SIG] How to convert my data in database to XML

Kun Xi bookstack at gmail.com
Wed May 4 09:03:38 CEST 2005

Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 10:21, kumar s wrote:
>>Dear group, 
>> I apologize for asking a very basic question here and
>>also I am afraid if this is not the correct place to
>>I have a database and I am plannig to pump my data in
>>the tables into XML files. For the kind of data in my
>>database table, there is already a proposed DTD out
>>What I should be do in order to convert my existing
>>data in tables into XML files. 
>>Do I have to:
>>1. Create any parser to convert the data into XML
>>2. Validate the integrity of XML structure based on
>>DTD provided.
>>I might not have all the data fields supported in the
>>DTD in my database. Is it okay if I leave some fields
>>as blank. 
>>This e-mail is a jump-start e-mail for me. I program
>>in python by never touched XML and I am excited to do
> Well, since it sounds as if you'd like to solve your XML processing task
> using Python, this probably is the right place.  The only problem I can
> see with your question is that there is not really enough detail for
> anyone to help.  Sounds as if you want to export data from a database
> (what sort?  SQL?  Object?  Hash table?  You say "tables" so I'd guess
> SQL).  Which DBMS?  Does it have XML export capabilities you can just
> use without writing your own code?  Does the DTD *require* (not just
> allow) fields for which the source database has no value?  If so, are
> there business rules you can apply to set defaults?  etc. etc.  I could
> ask a hundred questions, but it's much better if you just get specific
> and tell us what tools you're using, your precise goals, etc.  Snippets
> of code or data samples will probably get you the best responses.

Hello. I have the same question:
The data is store in Sql database, but the database schema is determined
in the runtime. I need to generate the xml file without knowing the
table structure, sound insane? Is there any tool, framework that could
read the configuration file and serialize the xml file from/to the
database ?

I don't need the o/r mapping, I just need a filter between the xml and


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