[XML-SIG] Request for comments on new XML parsing tool

Tom Cocagne tom.cocagne at gmail.com
Thu May 26 06:25:29 CEST 2005

    Greetings all.

    I wrote a small XML utility a while back that's worked out quite
well for me so I thought I'd clean it up and see if anyone thinks it
might be worth publishing on pypi.

    I wrote the initial version a couple years ago when I just wanted
a really easy way to read in XML files. The result wasn't anything
fancy, just a simplification of the SAX callback mechanism. Since then
I've added a few features that take it a bit beyond the casual hack
and possibly even into the realm of being generally useful.

    The two features that set ESSAX (Even Simpler Simple Api for Xml)
apart from your typical SAX simplification is that it provides
automatic type checking and conversion for tag attributes and it has
built-in support for simple, DTD-like validation (nothing particularly
fancy but enough to be useful). It's a single python module of about
1000 lines and works with the standard interpreter's XML parser. The
target niche for ESSAX is in application domains which are not overly
concerned XML parsing performance and prefer to just keep things

    If anyone on the list has the time and interest to take a look,
I'd appreciate your comments. The code and a simple example/test
program are included in the tarball attached to this e-mail.


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