[XML-SIG] PyXML vs. stdlib xml.sax - SAX implementation/comparison matrix

Thomas Passin list1 at tompassin.net
Wed Nov 16 05:19:43 CET 2005

Mike Brown wrote:
> I have a documentation project for someone.
> Inspired by the DOM standards compliance matrix[1] and the nonexistence of 
> documentation comparing PyXML to stdlib xml.sax, I've created (by hand, by 
> looking at source code and CVS logs) an XML document that can be used to 
> generate a matrix showing the level of SAX 2.0 and 1.0 support in Python 
> stdlib and PyXML: http://skew.org/tmp/sax-in-python.xml
> If someone with a few hours to kill would be willing to generate some XSLT to 
> render it, that would be great. Perhaps it could also be used to establish 
> __all__ in each module, and spot some implementation gaps.

I could take that on, if no one is already doing it.


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