[XML-SIG] Moving XBEL to SourceForge

Uche Ogbuji Uche.Ogbuji at fourthought.com
Wed Nov 23 22:03:16 CET 2005

On Sat, 2005-11-19 at 13:00 -0800, John L. Clark wrote:
> Uche Ogbuji proposed that development of XBEL move to an independent
> SourceForge project earlier this year[0].  There wasn't a lot of motion
> surrounding that idea.  I'd like to renew this interest in breaking XBEL
> off into a separately-maintained project.
> I have a few questions.  First of all, the points Uche made are still
> valid; does this community think that working on XBEL independently is a
> good idea, and not too disruptive?  Second, where can we obtain the
> currently available XBEL resources (web pages, etc.)?  Finally, who is
> still interested in participating, and in what capacity?
> I think that if we don't hear a strong negative reaction to this idea
> soon, we should go ahead and rev up with this on SourceForge.  I look
> forward to hearing your ideas about this and XBEL in general.

I'd say that considering there were not objections last time it came up,
and we've had a few days again for people to ponder objections, it's
time to just go ahead and do it.  Thanks for offering to help do so.

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