[XML-SIG] Can I use (and How to use) a DOM Validating Reader ...

mcharest@sogetel.net mcharest at sogetel.net
Mon Oct 10 11:11:27 CEST 2005


* I am a beginner with XML processing, so please bear with me !

* I have looked over the Python/XML HOWTO and I am currently reading
Python & XML (Jones & Drake) O'Reilly book.  Did not find what I am looking for.

* I would like to parse the attached XML file using Python and a simple DOM API, however I would like the following additional features:
a) Use a Validating Reader (I would like to use a DTD at run-time within my application)
b) XML processor to ignore all the trailing line feeds (used to visually format the XML file).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>
<!DOCTYPE casefile SYSTEM "cases.dtd">
<casefile name="data" revision="PA1" date="2005-10-01">
<case date="2005-10-01">
<problem> Find an apartment </problem>
<solution> Use Google </solution>
<outcome> successful </outcome>

a) Does PyXML offer a Validating DOM Reader ?  (Or, is a Validating Reader
only available for SAX?)

b) Would using a DOM Validating DOM Reader automatically eliminate the
extra trailing line feeds in my DOM object ? If not, how do I get the DOM object
to drop the extra line feeds ?

c) Can I do the above without using the 4Suite XML package ?

Many thanks, 

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