[XML-SIG] XMI and XSLT for MDA tool

Anastasios Hatzis ahatzis at gmx.net
Fri Dec 15 11:49:44 CET 2006

Hopefully I'm not at the wrong list with this issue :-) I'm looking for 
someone with XSL know-how and who wants to contribute to an open-source 
MDA tool for Python applications.

OpenSwarm [http://openswarm.sourceforge.net/] is planned to be this MDA 
tool. It can be feeded with an XMI file and then generates an 
application written in Python and using a PostgreSQL database-server. 
Current stage is alpha.

OpenSwarm currently support XMI 2.1 files created with MagicDraw UML 
CASE tool. Future releases should be able to support also other (older) 
XMI versions and UML CASE tools, especially the open-source tools.

I'm looking for a developer who wants to add this feature. One approach 
could be to transform any XMI 1.x or 2.x file to a XMI 2.1 file (which 
already can be parsed into a Python representation). I think XSLT would 
be a way to achieve this transformation from one XMI format to another 
XMI format.

Good knowledge in XMI would be helpful or at least the will to learn 
XMI, see http://www.omg.org/ - On this site you will also find 
information regarding related standards MOF, UML, and MDA.

Questions and comments are appreciated :-)


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