[XML-SIG] problem with insallation

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jun 21 23:46:12 CEST 2006

P-O Bengtsson wrote at 2006-6-21 00:58 +0200:
>i have tried both and got the same error message. I have also tried to
>import the dom package in the same two ways without any luck...
>On 6/20/06, Dieter Maurer <dieter at handshake.de> wrote:
>> P-O Bengtsson wrote at 2006-6-20 10:34 +0200:
>> > ...
>> >"import xml" works fine, but when I try to import dom or sax package I
>> get
>> >the error message
>> >
>> >" ImportError: No module named sax"

Several possibilities:

  *  You get an "xml" from a different position than you

     You can find out via "xml.__file__".

  * Your "xml" lacks an "__init__.py".

    In this case, it is not viewed as a Python package
    (with subpackages and/or modules)

  * The "sax", "dom", ... folders lack "__init__.py"


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