[XML-SIG] how to check "grammar" of xml using a schema or DTD withelementtree

Margie Levine margie.levine at amd.com
Thu Nov 16 22:33:46 CET 2006

Thanks for your response.  Are the validations tools you use freely
available or are these things that you've written?  A separate
validation tool would also work fine for me.

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Margie Levine wrote:

> Right now I am using elementtree to check this within my program.  IE,
> traverse the tree and make sure the xml meets the specifications.
> on my reading, it seems that I can use a DTD or scheme to define the
> "grammar" of my xml, but I can't figure out how to actually set this
> It seems like I should just be able to specify my DTD or Schema and
> call ElementTree's parse method and Elementtre should just give me
> errors if the xml doesn't conform to the rules.  Maybe Elementtree
> doesn't support this?  I see some doc that says lxml supports
> will lxml do this for me?

basic ET only does well-formedness checks; lxml comes with validation
for DTD:s, schemas, and Relax NG.

> What are other folks doing to deal with this?

well, I'm using separate validations tools as part of the test suite,
and I'm then
assuming that my code doesn't actually mess itself up when running...


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