[XML-SIG] Where is the xml.dom.ext package in current pythondistributions? .ext documentation?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Feb 7 10:54:33 CET 2007

Anastasios Hatzis schrieb:

>> Parts of PyXML were integrated into Python 2.0, namely xml.dom,
>> xml.sax, and pyexpat. Other parts were never considered for inclusion,
>> for various reasons.
> Martin, thank you for your notice. I wonder if the mentioned parts are 
> developed as "forks". Do you know if there are any differences between 
> those parts in recent Python and in PyXML distributions?

When I still maintained PyXML, I kept the Python copy and the PyXML
copy of the code synchronized. Now that PyXML is not maintained anymore,
the Python copy is more recent. This primarily means that it has more
bugs fixed.

So in a sense, it is not a fork, but the development continues within
the Python core.


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