[XML-SIG] Where is the xml.dom.ext package in current pythondistributions? .ext documentation?

Anastasios Hatzis ahatzis at gmx.net
Thu Jan 11 12:10:03 CET 2007

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Paul R Brenner wrote:
>> I have been using the xml.dom.ext PrettyPrint function to output my dom objects
>> into readable xml text files.  However on a few newer machines in our pool
>> there are more current (Python 2.4 or >) for which the .ext submodule is
>> totally missing.  More suprising is that I went to the Python documentation
>> page and found no mention of the .ext submodule of xml for any version of
>> Python.
> http://pyxml.sourceforge.net/

I was so sure that PyXML was already part of the Python distribution. 
Unfortunately I can't remember where I this from. A few days ago an 
OpenSwarm user brought my attention to the same issue Paul mentioned so 
I realized it needs to be installed extra.

Has PyXML ever been part of the official Python distribution or were 
there plans once to do so?

Probably I'm just getting old and muddle-headed.


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