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Carol Mills ixzlh at draftca.com
Tue Jul 10 04:23:25 CEST 2007

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It can make your code more readable. Often applications that use Java
Persistence execute queries  that return a collection of objects.

" He is a regular speaker on enterprise application  design. Also, web
sites and public APIs used in mashups have very different mechanisms for
responding to exception conditions.

Because many public APIs provide the response in XML, the server-side
code must often convert the response into another data type. However,
there are other ways to call a service.

It then parses the XML content at the specified URL into an XML Document

A server-side mashup is also called a proxy-style mashup because a
component in the server acts as a proxy to the service.

Using the Yahoo Maps Geocoding Service The Yahoo Maps Geocoding service
is a REST-based web service that is available for use by other web sites
through a public API. List    required:       java. WSIT addresses key
aspects of web services  interoperability such as reliable messaging,
transaction  handling, and security.

Here are some other good reasons for using proxy style in doing a
mashup: The Java EE and Java SE platforms provide many libraries that
make it easy to access other web sites from the server.

Additionally, it's good practice to validate the input data to a
service. Query class will likely change to better support generics.
JavaOne Online has the conference technical sessions in both PDF and
multimedia format for free.
It then parses the XML content at the specified URL into an XML Document
object. The proxy used in a server-side mashup can serve as a buffer
between the client and the other web site.
The warning is generated because query. In one approach, called a
server-side mashup, also known as a proxy-style mashup, you integrate
services and content on the server.

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