[XML-SIG] pyxml status report

Gregory Dudek dudek at cim.mcgill.ca
Mon Mar 5 21:31:30 CET 2007

Somebody who can write to the sourceforge pyxml site really should  
update the "topics" page ( http://pyxml.sourceforge.net/topics/ )

as well as the "web home" ( http://pyxml.sourceforge.net/ ).

These are the first places you get to if you Google "python xml" and  
they are both rather misleading,
discouraging and/or obsolete  (e.g. saying "PyXML is no longer  
maintained", without saying that's because it
is no longer needed).

I think this is not a very good way to evangelize python either.  I'd  
do it myself it I could, but I am hoping somebody here is
on the developers list.  In fact the other top hits are also  
misleadingly obsolete!


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