[XML-SIG] PyXML for py 2.5

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Fri Nov 2 10:01:34 CET 2007

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>> Do you have a version of PyXML that works with python version 2.5? If
>> not when do you expect it to be available?
> PyXML is currently unmaintained. So likely, there won't be any file
> releases if it anymore.

BTW, who's responsible for updating the XML-SIG page that the Python homepage
links to behind it's prominent "XML" link? I would like to have it updated to
reflect the 'recent' developments regarding ElementTree and lxml, and also
tools like Amara and others. What that site describes is pretty far from what
XML looks like in Python today, and it doesn't help anyone (especially not
newbees) if we keep up appearances here. Recent posts on this list and on
c.l.py show that people who want to solve XML problems in Python bump into
minidom and SAX and then report on the list about their problems with it. Then
people (especially I) tell them to try ElementTree or lxml, and they come back
happily reporting their success and how much easier it became.

I think there is loads of space for optimisation here.


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